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I always dreamt of going into business when growing up. One of the things I kept telling myself and asking the Almighty for is that I would use the privilege owning that business to do GOOD. Largely, I have achieved quite a bit of that, and am living that dream of doing GOOD, within my sustainable means.

I have championed several Women Economic Empowerment initiatives that have seen the women scaling up their enterprises.

Over the past 20 years, I have supported disadvantaged girls from rural Gutu to attain higher education. Some have done well and are already in stable careers, others still at universities, and others in high schools.

Due to the challenges that schools in the rural areas of lack of reading material, exacerbated with the effects of COVID19 when most schools stopped classes for long periods, we have been failing to get the learners with right passes beyond Grade 7 to proceed. It is thus I then came up with the idea of a community library.

Running under the theme: “Opening New Worlds through Education,” we launchedMbuya Mary Simbi Library and Computer Lab (MMS Centre) in 2021 in rural Gutu for the community.  The Centre serves students from 8 surrounding schools whose appetite for knowledge has been evidenced by the high attendance rate. A total of 3000 learners are benefiting from this initiative.

The aim of this initiative by the Divine Simbi Ndhlukula Foundation is to bridge the gap between rural and urban education through the following availing curriculum relevant textbooks and other reading material.

It is the Foundation’s aim to have a computer lab for STEM activities for the rural folk who hitherto have never had this opportunity.

We are currently sourcing for computers and bandwidth to operationalize this much needed program. We are counting on you to support this initiative

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