“Entrepreneurial Success: Insights on Growing Business in a Fluid Economy”

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Welcome to the inspiring world of Entrepreneurial Success! Dive into the transformative insights shared by Dr. Divine Simbi-Ndhlukula in her groundbreaking new book, “Entrepreneurial Success: Insights on Growing Business in a Fluid Economy.”

My New Book: Entrepreneurial Success

Entrepreneurial Success: Insights on Growing Business in a Fluid Economy encompasses principles, insights, and lessons that I learned over the decades, from starting off as an intrapreneur to becoming an entrepreneur and celebrated CEO of a leading security company that has established a solidfoot print within the region. We have also made a footprint in livestock production through our ongoing work at Zvikomborero Farms.

Contrary to what many think, SECURICO was not my first business. I had developed an interest in entrepreneurship at the tender age of twelve when I had found a clarity of purpose on what future path I was going to take in life. I would later side hustle in various businesses I would work in, from selling clothes to my work colleagues to running canteens in certain companies located in the industrial areas of Harare. My experiences as an accounting officer at the state broadcaster, the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC), as well as Old Mutual and at the then-Intermarket (formerly Southampton now ZB Life Assurance), eventually propelled my interest towards full-time entrepreneurship.

It is against this background that, in 1992, I naively attempted crop farming in an agricultural area ecologically suited to cattle ranching. PREFACE ENTREPRENEURIAL SUCCESS INSIGHTS 16 During that time, a terrible drought cast a spell of doom over my hopes and dreams for this venture and sent me back to employment before my eventual return to full-time entrepreneurship when I started SECURICO in 1998. It is important to emphasise that this book is not just about SECURICO but also about the lessons I learned on my journey as an intrapreneur and entrepreneur, and it is my desire that these nuggets of insight will help develop the next generation of African leaders in business. As leaders become more seasoned in business, their immediate assignment is to share their experiences with others and groom the next generation of leaders who will lift the continent out of poverty through entrepreneurial solutions.

Both my experiences as an intrapreneur and later as an entrepreneur had one underlying common lesson and prevailing principle: that striving for excellence in all our areas of expertise and roles and being the best at what one does is what distinguishes accomplished and successful people from the ordinary. As you will find out in this book, the principles and nuggets of success all emanate from serving with excellence. If I had been a terrible intrapreneur (employee) who was not driven by a hunger for excellence and being the best at what I did, my employer would not have immediately signed me back when my first entrepreneurship attempt flopped. 17 Divine Simbi-Ndhlukula (PhD) Throughout this journey, it is important to note that, as I provide my insights, my success in business is largely credited to legends whom I have either followed from afar (studying their life stories in the public domain) or had the privilege to learn from or be mentored by directly. Legends such as my parents, who empowered me and made me envision a world of possibilities eve.

If you are an entrepreneur, aspiring business leader, or anyone navigating the complexities of the business world, this book is your guide to unlocking unprecedented success. Dr. Divine Simbi Ndhlukula’s insights will empower you to conquer challenges, seize opportunities, and thrive in the fluid economy.

Dr Divine Simbi-Ndhlukula