3 thoughts on “Sowing into your business”

  1. Truswell Nyamakanga

    This is insightful for me as a starting entrepreneur. This statement hit me hard you said Mama, “ We will never get the advantages of the crop if we pluck up the seeds too early and abandon projects before they have had chance to establish themselves.”

    I have picked up the law of seeding and reaping and also the law of probability.

    My question Mama is how or what are the steps one can take when in a situation like you encountered of the mortgaging the house. Inorder to get out.

    Thank you for this teaching.

  2. Edith Chiriseri

    I certainly needed this encouragement & a reminder that patience as an entrepreneur pays. I feel it in me that I’m doing exactly what i’m purposed to do but sometimes the poor harvest gets to me & I want to down tools.
    Thank you very much for this Ma’am.

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