I will share with you 5 building blocks that are universal and share again another 5 blocks that I have lived practically to build the company I run. For me, as Steve Covey says, first things first:

  1. A clear vision is a sure way to building a successful enterprise – my people perish because of lack of vision. Keep the vision for success.” I want to be successful.”  “I want to build generational wealth.”   Focus on wanting rather than being!

Dreaming big, thinking success is a sure way of going forwards.

Vision, which is the function of the heart, provides hope and endurance in tribulation and can overcome all the obstacles. Tribulations will be the order of the day, colleagues.

The business idea you form must be very clear in your mind where you want to take it to, how, why, when, 

  • Sustain the slog through execution

Brilliant ideas form every day in most of us as much as our own economic experts come up with the best blueprints to take Zimbabwe out of the quagmire, but, alas, there is one, one thing only that is lacking???

Execution, execution and execution – one of the most critical blocks to building a successful enterprise

For me, Execution, simply put is –

  1. The discipline of getting things done
  2. The missing link between aspirations and results
  3. A specific set of behaviours and techniques that a business or political leader needs to master to achieve competitive advantage
  4. A systematic way of exposing reality and acting on it.

Bossidy & Charan.  “Leadership without the discipline of execution is incomplete and ineffective.  Without the ability to execute, all other attributes of leadership become hollow.” 

We have all the answers, but we cannot implement.

  • Have a real business plan and be prepared to work on implementing it to its letter and spirit, taking concrete steps toward the ultimate goal.
  • Working hard, really working hard, putting in the extra hour always gets one ahead.

Wake up early, plan your work and work like hell. The MAGIC formula: right attitude + hard work = SUCCESS

  • Self-confidence – doses of it are very important and very useful.  Self-confidence influences one’s ability to succeed or not. Business success is influenced by high levels of self-confidence.  Confident people are more enthusiastic. 

Lack of confidence, especially in women, inhibits us from risk taking, accepting new challenges, leaving the comfort zone, thereby limiting our contribution to the economy.  Low self-esteem results in people being less productive.


  1. A clear vision, business plan to achieve it, and the discipline to execute. Thank you for the nugget. Waiting for Part 2.

  2. Paidamoyo Dululu Mupezeni

    Indeed confidence is currency, execution too means everything otherwise everything will remain an idea not a business

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