Figuring out WHY, WHAT and HOW on embarking on the Entrepreneurial Journey?

Whenever I meet people daily, many ask me about my entrepreneurial journey. I am currently writing books that will give people of all ages and class some insights that I hope will respond to this important question.

However, in the meantime, I will be sharing some of those life lessons on my social media platforms.

We all go into business for various reasons, but I am certain most of us embark on the enterprise journey for primarily needing to give a better livelihood to our loved ones. How our enterprises eventually turn out is a function of many aspects. But the key issue being the MINDSET – which I will give a bit more detail in future episodes.

Better livelihood for yourself and family

While I always knew from a tender age that I was going to be an entrepreneur, I indeed took that route to improve the income for my family in addition to my full-time job. Besides my kids, I had taken full responsibility of my widowed mother and siblings who were not financially independent.

Impact on other Women

I believe in the Triple P concept – Profit that has to be generated by my business, Planet for sustainability as I fully embrace the environmental aspects in everything I do – among other planting trees, managing litter, in particular plastics sustainably etc.. and People, who include my team members who have to work in a safe and health environment. My biggest passion is seeing women empowered economically and socially. To that end, I have fought for the acceptance of women in the security sector and given them opportunities to grow in their careers. The 900 women employed at SECURICO are mainly widows and single mothers whose lives have changed significantly which I am most proud of. I have started several initiatives and very involved in inspiring women to startup and scale their businesses, and hundreds of women attest to this. And most importantly I have a bursary fund for girls from disadvantaged communities to further their education. Through the Divine Simbi-Ndhlukula Foundation we invested in setting up a community library in rural Gutu which is impacting over 7000 learners.


Successful business owners typically earn far more than those who work for others, and some can become quite wealthy. Entrepreneurs seek to earn significantly more than full-time income in any other occupation they might undertake. I believe I have my family’s living standard rose because of the enterprise route I took years ago.


Having your own business is a fantastic method to build personal wealth. Because you put your own money and work into a new initiative, you expect that your business will grow in value over time and that your efforts will not be in vain.

Generational wealth

It is the cultural practice in many civilizations to pass on possessions, especially enterprises and assets, to the following generation. Many successful self-made entrepreneurs provide a sense of stability to their follow on family members by passing on their businesses. This would not be possible if they chose to work for someone else and then retire with a modest retirement fund. Looking back on my effort in a few decades and knowing that my business helped my family and closest friends live better lives is incredibly fulfilling.

In conclusion

It is much easier to be a successful entrepreneur if you are passionate about what you do and your daily responsibilities are directly tied to your passions. Starting a new business is both difficult and time-consuming. But, in the end, I believe it will be worthwhile for anyone considering entrepreneurship.

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