Entrepreneurship for Economic Growth

I hope my blogs so far have inspired a lot of you from the feedback we get. One of the reasons I have had to come up with these blogs is, I strongly believe that out there, are men and women of virtue whose desire towards economic development can only be realized when somebody has stirred and awakened the entrepreneurial giant that has been sleeping within them.

As I post various entrepreneurial issues and topics, I try to make this journey as practical as possible for all aspiring, new and accomplished entrepreneurs. It is my sincere hope we will build a prosperous society that ushers in equal business opportunities to all who dare stand and make a difference.

Therefore, I always try to be as candid as possible with a practical approach to entrepreneurship which I have experienced over the past few decades.  It is my hope and plan to reach out and have intimate discussions with those who strongly believe that entrepreneurship is a channel through which one gets to decide a life that is right for them through bootcamps that will soon be happening in a serene environment in the woods of Zvikomborero Farms.

Entrepreneurship provides the base for economic growth and expansion for economies like ours which desperately needs more new businesses. I hope to ignite a burning desire that will stir the hearts of the young men and women in college to think entrepreneurship as they create their future paths. What this economy needs now are entrepreneurs – people who start up new businesses, take risks and create new jobs, not people who don’t want to live off pre-existing enterprises. I also want to continue igniting a desire in the hearts of the mature corporate executives, the so-called successful corporate leaders to think beyond their current comfortable zones.

In the next few months, I will be sharing ENTREPRENEURSHIP SUCCESS TIPS which I trust will help some of us on our journey as we pursue our dreams and goals.

I dare challenge you colleagues out there with this – in life, if you have two choices, become rich or you work for the rich, what would you go for?

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