Adapt or get left behind

Adaptability – it’s a word that is synonymous with entrepreneurs. It’s defined as the ability or willingness to change in order to suit different conditions. In business, change is constant, and in order to survive and thrive, it’s essential to remain open to new ideas in response to the marketplace. You need to keep testing your strategy, your business plan, and your product offerings to ensure they remain vital and relevant. You need to keep talking to your customers, getting feedback, finding out what they need and want in a changing world. You need to identify possible risks to your business due to changing market demands or realities and develop mitigation strategies before those risks turn into a crisis. Importantly, you also need to be honest with yourself and change the direction of your business if you feel it is becoming out of touch with the marketplace. Just think back to those iconic business names of the past that failed to adapt to the changing world, and as a result, were left behind – Kodak, the camera and film brand that didn’t see the digital picture revolution coming, and the Zimbabwe Postal Services  are  classic examples. Adaptability is a key quality for success – make sure it is a trait you develop too.

At SECURICO, we have tried to be relevant to responding to the market’s pain points when it comes to security issues. Currently, due to many people keeping large or small sums of cash at their offices or homes, armed robberies have shot up.  We have come up with a solution that takes care of that removes people from exposing themselves to the risk of being attacked.

It is therefore imperative to have the agility to quickly change course when the situation demands, obviously after doing all the due diligence and risk mitigation analysis.

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