Team up with other like-minded women.

There is a great sporting quote that goes “there is no ‘I’ in team”, extolling the virtues of building teams that are stronger when everyone unites together to achieve one goal. And in the world of entrepreneurship, there is something to be said for taking a team approach to building a successful business. As women entrepreneurs, we know that we cannot be good at every aspect of our businesses.

We are not all natural accountants, or salespeople, or human resource managers, but we have to try and be all those things in the early days of business building. Taking a team approach to filling the gaps could be the way forward. By identifying your weaknesses, you can seek out other women entrepreneurs to collaborate with or to provide their specialist expertise where you find it lacking in your own business. By teaming up with other like-minded women, sharing knowledge, and exchanging strengths, you will help to keep your overhead costs down, improve your own efficiencies, and ensure long-term success.

What I learnt over time is that one has to find experts in areas of need, and where possible, hire them into the business or work with them as consultants and this is the formula that has worked for me.

I am seen as a success story of women (though I know I have not arrived yet) I have gotten to this level through collaborations with many other accomplished women who have been my cheerleaders, sponsors in the board rooms where decisions are being made.  I have enjoyed immense support from these women and men too to be accepted as an able security practitioner.  I have also played my role to champion the cause of women economic empowerment through various support systems. Among other, I have used my business to ensure women are accepted in the security sector by offering them jobs even in areas where it was considered not suitable. I have ensured women are given supply chain contracts in our business.  I have led several organisations that advocate the economic empowerment of women. 

One very close to my heart now and lately taking serious shape is the Woman Owned Business initiative that supports the scaling up of women businesses through linking them to supply chains of corporate and government. Therefore, I would urge women not to stress in their little corners when help is out there.  Go out and network with others of like minded and life would not be that stressful.

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