Empowering Africa’s Tomorrow: Meet 8 Fearless Female Entrepreneurs Transforming Africa’s Future

In the dynamic landscape of African entrepreneurship, several remarkable women stand out, making significant strides in diverse industries. These trailblazers not only exemplify resilience and innovation but also contribute to shaping the future of their respective fields; leading innovative companies and playing pivotal roles in shaping various industries. Here, we spotlight some of the top female entrepreneurs who are reshaping the business world in 2023.

  1. Dr. Divine Ndhlukula: Pioneering Excellence in Business and Empowering Women

Dr. Divine Ndhlukula is a visionary Zimbabwean businesswoman who defied norms and blazed a trail in the male-dominated security industry. Born on February 5, 1960, in rural Gutu, she embarked on a journey that not only transformed her life but also empowered countless women.

Early Life and Education:

Divine’s educational journey took her through various schools, culminating in an Executive MBA from Midlands State University, another MBA from Women’s University in Africa, and a Ph.D. in Business Leadership. Her academic prowess laid the foundation for her future endeavors.

Career Beginnings:

Before founding her groundbreaking company, SECURICO Security Services, Divine gained valuable experience at Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation and Old Mutual. Her 16-year stint at Intermarket Life Assurance as a Marketing Executive sharpened her business acumen.

SECURICO: Revolutionizing Security Services:

In 1998, Divine founded SECURICO to address gaps in service delivery and professionalism in the security sector. From humble beginnings, the company evolved into a powerhouse, reshaping Zimbabwe’s security industry. Today, SECURICO employs over 3,800 people and is a trailblazer in security solutions.

Innovations and Accolades:

Under Divine’s leadership, SECURICO became the first Zimbabwean-staffed security company certified to ISO9001:2008 standards. The company consistently garnered local and international awards, solidifying its reputation as a top-tier security provider.

Entrepreneurial Vision:

Driven by a desire to empower disadvantaged women, Divine set out to create a business that not only met market needs but also provided employment opportunities. Her entrepreneurial journey, guided by an unwavering vision, saw her overcome challenges in a male-dominated industry.

Championing Women Empowerment:

Beyond business success, Divine champions women’s economic empowerment. Initiatives like Mentorship in Practice and the Women in Enterprise Conference showcase her dedication to uplifting women in business. She became the first SADC member of the global Women Presidents Organization.

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