Decide Part 2

Dreamers dream, but doers do.

You say “one day I will own a business.”

or “in 10 years I hope to retire.”

or “I wish I could buy that Range Rover.”

Doers do.

Yes, you need to dream, and you need a plan to do something, but let me tell you there are things I have done without a long-term plan. If I want something, I start attacking it, at that point.

Entrepreneurs are doers.

You don’t necessarily have to go “all in.”  If you are on the fence, this is not about quitting your job and going full time into your startup.

It is ok to have a process. It is ok for it to take your time, but you have to start doing something now. The best time to start your business is yesterday. The next best time is NOW. Do not wait for a perfect product or service to launch your business.

If the goal is anything worth doing, then it won’t be accomplished in a week. The big step here is not in how much time you spend on it, it is  that you decided to do it. And when you decide, you become a new person. A person on a mission. That changes you and what you do. Even if it’s one small action at a time. There’s no holding you back once you decide.

I have thrived on actioning ideas, big or small, personal or business as I have told myself all the time ‘No guts, no glory”.  If I had not done so with the SECURICO idea, I would not, just maybe, be where I am today. 

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