Decide Part 1

I have come across many people, both young and mature who have told me this same old story “I want to go into business, but I don’t know where to start”. My simple answer to them is – “I can’t help you until you have decided. “. And indeed, nobody can, until you decide that you want it.

Whether you are thinking of starting a business…or thinking of launching a new product…or employing somebody… The best advice in the world won’t help you.

Until you decide.

I get hundreds of messages on my social media platforms, emails, meet up people at many business and social fora, and the same question keeps coming and coming….

I love helping people, the real problem I have noted is that many of these people are still sitting on the fence.  They have not decided to be an entrepreneur yet. I have tried to give some semblance of answers to this question, but it won’t do much help. Because you have not decided to be an entrepreneur yet.

I was fortunate to have lived beyond my time as it was irreconcilable to think of going into business at the time I was in high school, the 70s. I, however, was already sold on the idea of not working for other people at the time I was in my teens as I was very clear that I would want to start and run a business, not just a small business, but a significant business.

When you decide, the world opens up to you. Your brain starts to find a way to make it happen. Here’s an example…  Think about the last pair of shoes that you got. Once you bought it… did you start seeing it everywhere on the streets? It’s not like they just suddenly appeared. They were always there, your brain just ignored them.

Until you decided, the same thing happens in your business. If you’re on the fence, nothing is going to happen.

When you decide to do it, you will start finding ways to make it happen. When I decided to start a security company, I did not bother to worry that I had no prior knowledge and experience in the sector, but I was just decided that I would do it, learn as I go and try to make a success of it as I had seen the opportunity.

It’s the difference between a dreamer and a doer.

I will continue in the next issue on this topic, till then.

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