Ndhlukula launches entrepreneurship book

by Shawn Johnson

Founder and Managing Director of SECURICO Security Services, Divine Ndhlukula has published a book titled Entrepreneurial Success Insights on Growing Businesses in the Liquid Economy, detailing his journey as an entrepreneur as well as advice to potential business owners Has been given.

The book was published after Ndhlukula wrote on paper for several years as the business executive tried to uncover the key aspects of his entrepreneurial journey.

In his speech at the launch of the book last Thursday, Ndhlukula said the insights into entrepreneurial success on growing businesses in a liquid economy go beyond the boardroom and offer practical advice on how budding entrepreneurs can navigate a challenging environment.

“It gets at the heart of my journey, revealing the challenges, triumphs and growth that shaped not only my business, but also my personal and entrepreneurial development,” he said.

“This book is relevant to startups, established entrepreneurs, tertiary students, colleagues in corporates. Women especially will find my candid approach to the awkward obstacles we must overcome to balance the scales in business and society quite encouraging. “This is a vision for the next generation.”

She said that as a leader, she is grateful to the next generation of African leaders to share her experience and groom them as a mentor.

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“I’m glad this book is my contribution to that mission, and it’s a take-home story to share with our next generation of African business leaders who need to know the ethos of working, not waking up one day and voila. .There’s a Rolls Royce at the door,” Ndhlukula said.

The executive said he wrote the business book to highlight his journey of self-discovery and personal growth.

“I have started work on my memoir which has been in the works for the last 15 years (at least it’s better than 16 years) and I hope to have it published by the end of the year. There’s already a publisher waiting for him. Trust me, it will be epic and explosive,” Ndhlukula said.

Some of the people who reviewed the book include entrepreneur and strategist Pritchard Mhako, Chipo Matasa, chairman of Mutapa Investment Fund, Gloria Zwarwanhu, managing director of Old Mutual Insurance Company, lawyer Petina Gappa and chairman of Alpha Media Holdings, Trevor Ncube.

“Zimbabwe people are celebrating each other and we are celebrating Divine tonight, I am very emotional about that and hopefully we can be inspired by saying if we captained the story because Captaining the story will give us a story for future generations. So, thank you very much for that,” Ncube said.

“Divya gave us this book when it was still pieces of paper. We read it and thought a thing or two about the book, but he (Ndhlukula) ultimately won the battle, as Divine always does. One of Divine’s qualities is that she fights, she is very stubborn. This means that to be successful in life you should have some stubbornness and this is visible in his life.

He added: “It’s a book that’s written in difficult times but it’s a book that’s very optimistic so I think that’s the first point that’s most important to me. Secondly, it’s a story of a woman who dominated a man – I wouldn’t say she dominated, but she made a huge mark in a previously male-dominated industry with Sicurico and Zvikombero Farms.

Ndhlukula is a national, continental and international award-winning businesswoman who has served on various boards and professional membership organisations. She is also the former president of the Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce.


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