• Stay grounded and humble at all times, but believe in yourself.  Remember everyone has some special talent and ability.
  • Never compare your achievements or capabilities with those of others. Try to keep to your lane and copying the “Johns” might be your undoing.
  • Keep up with industry trends. You don’t wanna wake up one day and find out that your product or service has become irrelevant in the market. In this current environment, market demands change overnight.
  • There’s a season for all things, including business.  During your ‘autumn’ periods, assess what works for your company and what you should let go of, what’s not viable and what needs to be improved. Learn as much as you can during the down period, and a case in point was the COVID19 era, because as “summer” will be beckoning and you are good to go.
  • Build solid partnerships and concentrate on education. This will give you the know-how to uplift yourself, enabling you to bring your company back to ‘summer’. Connect with as many people as possible. I love being in environments where people congregate for whatever reason, people in and outside my industry. Successful businesses are built on relationships and people who know people. I sometimes randomly message people I think are working on something great to invite them for coffee just to connect, chat and inspire each other. People do business with people, not with papers we sign off as contracts.

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