Entrepreneurial Success: Growing Business in a Fluid Economy by Divine Simbi-Ndhlukula (PhD) 

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In her debut as an author, Divine Simbi-Ndhlukula (PhD) in her new book, Entrepreneurial Success: Growing Business in a Fluid Economy, provides ten powerful success insights for budding and established entrepreneurs alike. Zeroing in on her life’s work in her business enterprises at SECURICO and Zvikomborero Farms, she distills business administration concepts into everyday life principles that we all can admit we already know but fail to leverage.

For International purchases, the book is available online on Amazon. Click here.

In Entrepreneurial Success: Growing Business in a Fluid Economy, women entrepreneurs will find Divine Simbi-Ndhlukula’s frank approach to the peculiar constraints that women must overcome to balance the scales in business and society both encouraging and enlightening. She covers a wide range of thought-provoking topics that will keep readers turning the pages for essential knowledge, insights and advice, including, Cultivating a Positive Mindset, Personal Identity: Knowing Yourself, People and Processing, Mastering Execution and Action, Winning on Value Proposition, Discipline in Financial Management, Creating a Culture of Excellence, Mentorship and Networking, Playing to Win, and importantly, Balancing Family and Social Responsibilities. Divine reminds us all that if we dare to step up and step out in order to solve the challenges and problems society faces today, we will find, through good times and bad, wins and losses – fortune favours the brave.

Author Quotes

It’s been an interesting entrepreneurial journey, and we are still going and still growing, and I believe I have a story to share.

Entrepreneurial Success: Growing Business in a Fluid Economy encompasses principles, insights and lessons that I learned over the decades, from starting off as an intrapreneur to becoming an entrepreneur and celebrated CEO of a leading security company that has established a solid footprint within the region.

This book is not just about SECURICO but it is also about the lessons I learned on my journey as an intrapreneur and entrepreneur, and it is my desire that these nuggets of insight will help develop the next generation of African leaders in business.

As leaders become more seasoned in business, their immediate assignment is to share their experiences with others and groom the next generation of leaders who will lift the continent out of poverty through entrepreneurial solutions.

About the author

Divine Simbi-Ndhlukula (PhD) is an award-winning Entrepreneur, Speaker, Author and Philanthropist. Founder and Managing Director of Zimbabwe’s first ISO certified security company, SECURICO, as well as Zvikomborero Farms which is known for extensive livestock production, she has been celebrated the world over for her exploits and successes in business. The first woman to successfully venture into the security sector, SECURICO has a staff complement of 4200 employees. Owing to her passion for Women Empowerment, a quarter of the staff comprises women. A widowed mother of 8, a grandmother of 2, Divine is devoted to her siblings and nieces, and counts strong family values as central to the meaning of life and success.


For International purchases, the book is available online on Amazon. Click here.

Why LoA loves it…

One of the key traits that distinguishes truly successful women entrepreneurs is their vision and determination – to not only build sustainable, high-growth businesses that create jobs and contribute to the economic growth of their countries and communities; but also to share their knowledge and wisdom with the next generation of women entrepreneurs who are inspired to follow in their footsteps. Dr Divine Simbi-Ndhlukula is a powerful example of this and other success traits in action. She has encountered major challenges and setbacks on her decades-long entrepreneurial journey, overcoming them all, and has always remained true to her vision and determination to succeed and make an impact. Her new book is truly inspirational, and if you only read one motivational book on entrepreneurship this year, make this the one! — Melanie Hawken, founder & ceo, Lionesses of Africa

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